Using Class Guru

Get All Your Classes in One Place

Your Class Guru shows you all upcoming classes with the teachers and studios you follow, laying out your personal yoga options for the coming days or weeks in a simple way. 

Whether your teachers work at different studios, or you like to go to several places for your yoga, planning your own yoga schedule is a breeze. No more sifting through lots of schedules on different websites or Facebook pages just to find out what your yoga options are for a given day or week! 

Getting to Your Class Guru 

To get to your Class Guru, simply click the YogaTrail Logo in the header (if you're logged in to YogaTrail). 

You can also click anywhere you see a "Home" link.

Class Details

Clicking on any class expands it for you to see all its details:

Filtering Your Class Guru

When you follow a teacher or studio, you get all their classes by default. You can follow as many teachers and studios as you like, but in some cases that can be overwhelming... so you can narrow things down by filtering your view.

1) Favoriting

To favorite a class, click the little heart next to any class. Then, to see only classes you've favorited, you can click the big heart in the Class Guru menu bar:

2) Filtering by Teacher or Venue

You can also filter classes by specific teacher or studio. Click the filter icon at the top left of your Class Guru. That way you can decide to see only classes from certain teachers or places:


Jumping to a Date

You can jump to a specific date in the future by clicking the small calendar icon in the menu bar:

Managing Your Teachers and Studios  

To add or remove teachers or studios from your list of followees, you'll find a link near the top that takes you there.

Class Guru on the YogaTrail Mobile App

Your Class Guru also carries over to the YogaTrail Mobile App. The app is freely available for both iPhones and Androids, and it's very handy for keeping up with your personal yoga world while you're on the go! 

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