For Teachers: Adding a Venue to Your Class

A location is required for all classes because it's what yogis need to know when looking for classes.

To add a location to your class:

1. Existing Venue: Use the pull down menu in the venue section in the class creation page. The locations that appear here are venue you manage or have associated with your teacher profile.  Simply select the right venue - done!

If the location for your class is not on this list, please choose 'Add new venue', and then click the orange button (Add Location).

2. Adding a New Venue. Simply type the name of the venue in the field, and hit 'Search'. If your venue is already on YogaTrail, you'll see it appear, and then you'll just need to click on it to select it: 

When you select a venue from the list, it will be added as your class venue. If you've added a venue by mistake, simply click X at the top right of the location, and you will be able to choose a different venue.

3. If your venue isn't yet on YogaTrail: If your venue does not appear on the list, it means it's not on YogaTrail yet. Here's how to add it: click the blue button 'No, my venue's not there' and, on the next screen, add the street address of the venue. Then click next.

On the last screen you need to indicate what kind of venue your event takes place at:

  • Please choose Studio, or Retreat Center, only if the venue is open year round and has a regular yoga schedule. Some resorts can qualify as "retreat centers".
  • Please choose "Other" for places where yoga is not a regular thing. Some examples: hotels, beaches, parks, town halls, churches.

Next, you'll need to indicate if you own or manage the venue you're adding. It might seem like common sense, but you shouldn't click 'yes' if you're not the owner or manager of a place — you would be impersonating somebody else's businesses, which is an offence. 

To add a venue that you don't own or manage, you'll need to supply their email address. We will use their email  only to invite them to YogaTrail (and we don't share email information with anyone, or use it in any other way). If you don't have the email, or prefer not to add it, please create your venue as 'other' — this requires no email address.

After you've entered the above information, along with the venues address, click 'create'. This will add the venue to your class. 

Note: if you are the owner or manager of the venue you've just added, you will now also be able to access this new profile from your YogaTrail account. To navigate between your profiles, please the drop-down menu at the top right (small triangle next to the button that says 'My Yoga’).

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