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I'm not sure what type of Profile I should have...

If you are a yoga teacher, and/or own or manage a yoga studio, or a yoga retreat center, you can  make a profile for each of these cases that apply to you. However if you, for example, offer massage services (but not yoga classes), then YogaTrail is not the right place for you. If you have shop that sells yoga gear, you’re welcome to advertise with us. Our profiles are only for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Studios, and Yoga Retreats Centers. If your profile doesn’t clearly fit into one of these four categories, we will have to delete it (sorry).

Can I have more than one Profile?

Yes, often this is what you should do. For example, if you manage yoga studio but you’re also a teacher, you should create two separate pages (a teacher profile, and for one for your studio). 

Hey, it seems someone has already made a profile for me?!

If you see a profile that appears to be of yourself or your venue, you can make it your own by going to the profile and  claiming it there. If it looks like somebody has claimed a profile that is clearly yours please let us know.

I’m running a special temporary retreat or teacher training. Should I create a profile?

Very often, people run a training program or a retreat only over a few weeks at a location that’s not used for that purpose year round. In that case, you should not create a permanent profile for this on YogaTrail. Rather, these are best handled with  Events. An event on YogaTrail gets its own page, but has a time (and expiration) associated with it.

What are Events?

An  event is a special, dated occurrence that is searchable and lives on its own page on YogaTrail (much like a professional profile, but with an expiry date). For example, an event can be a workshop, a course, or a special class you're running. You probably know this already: events are a very effective way of bringing in new and existing students and generating revenue for yoga professionals.

What are Events Credits?

Every professional profile can easily post events on YogaTrail. In order to do that, you can either earn free event credits, or if you want to publish events right away, you can subscribe to YogaTrail Premium (and publish as many events as you want).  Here's more details on how it all works, and how to get free credits

How do I get more Event Credits?

You earn  additional event credits whenever people review your profile (5 reviews = 1 Event Credit), or when another yoga professional joins the YogaTrail community as a result of our invitation (1 professional sign-up = 1 Event Credit). It’s our way to thank you for helping YogaTrail to grow and encouraging people to visit the site.

How do people see my Events?

When you create a new event all your followers will see it on their News Feed. Your events are also listed on your Profile, and of course they appear in search results.

Why should I list all the places where I teach yoga?

As a yoga teacher, you don't really show on locations on the map until you  indicate where you teach. Also, when you associate yourself with a yoga venue, you show up on the profile of that venue - which means more people see you in more places on YogaTrail.

As you build your network on YogaTrail, people can find you more easily!

Finally, when you add a new location to the YogaTrail database, we send them an invite email. If they come onboard and take ownership of their profile, you get an Event Credit. For each yoga pro that joins YogaTrail, you also get one Event Credit. So you should list as many of your yoga venues as you can!

Why should I list all the teachers at my yoga venue?

When you  add a yoga teacher to your profile, your venue shows up on the profile of that teacher - which means more people see you in more places on YogaTrail. As you build your network on YogaTrail, people can find you more easily!

Also, when you  add a new teacher to the YogaTrail database, we send them an invite email. If they then join YogaTrail, you get an extra Event Credit. For each yoga pro that joins YogaTrail, you also get one extra Event. So you should list as many of your teachers as you can!

I want to delete my profile and cancel my membership – how can I do this?

We’re very sorry you would feel this way. Are you sure there’s nothing we can do to make your experience of YogaTrail more enjoyable? To cancel your account and delete your profile, simply  go here.

How does YogaTrail make money?

We sometimes display some (tasteful) ads on different pages of the site, or in YogaTrail newsletters. We also offer monthly or yearly Subscription Plans for those who are interested in getting more out of YogaTrail (marketing services, mostly). For bookings, YogaTrail collects (low) platform fees. Don't worry, having a Listing on YogaTrail will always be free, and the Subscription Services are completely optional.

What is YogaTrail's phone number?

We're sorry, but we're a small team so we're not able to help you via phone. Also, we're based in Thailand, so time differences can be tricky. We really value your feedback and we're here to help with any questions.  Please email us. We do our best to answer as quickly as we can, and normally you'll hear back from us within a few hours. 

What if I have a problem, question or feedback?

We're always happy to hear from you! Just  get in touch.


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