About the Team

Team YogaTrail is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand (best place on the planet). None of us could be called an expert or authority on any particular style of yoga. While some of us are ex-yoga teachers, for the most part, we're just people who love yoga. So why create YogaTrail?

Collectively, we’ve sampled a huge assortment of yoga: classes in many different styles, with all kinds of teachers, at many studios, and we’ve also tried out a range of resources for self-practice. Discovering and experiencing all this variety, and getting to know all those people has been wonderful. But the time spent scouring the internet trying to figure out what’s out there sometimes also resulted frustration.

When searching the web for yoga, we found the results to be often confusing, sometimes completely overwhelming, or just simply lacking. And it turned out that some of our best yoga experiences came through a recommendation by someone else. 

And then there's the painful way that we went about finding classes to go to - most yogis have favorite teachers that they like to take classes with. But because teachers are usually freelancers who work in many different places, we spent almost the same time figuring out where and when a good class would be coming up as we did actually doing yoga in the class. In a nutshell, we spent a lot of time grappling with the question: how do you find and follow your yoga ?

That's how YogaTrail was born: a website where yogis can share their experiences and opinion, and help each other find their yoga, whether they’re looking for places to practice, or teachers to practice with. We launched in the summer of 2013.

Here we are:

From left to right: Alex & Alex, Maria, Nadja, Ed and Sven 

We hope you enjoy using YogaTrail. We want it to be an amazing resource for all of us, so don’t be shy:  get in touch and tell us what you think!


All of us at YogaTrail

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