Your Ranking in the Local Listings

If you have a basic (free) account and don't have booking and payments enabled, your profile and your classes cannot be found in the local listings. So if you want to attract some new yogis, please  upgrade your profile here.

I'm published ― but how is my ranking determined?

When people look for classes or yoga providers, the default search results are sorted by 'relevance'. What does it mean? The position in the results is your ranking, and it's determined by a number of things: 

  1. Distance: the closer your classes and venue(s) are to the precise location being searched, the higher the ranking
  2. Promoted content: if your profile is on a 'pro' or 'premium' plan, your classes and content will get priority. Your profile is also highlighted in search results and presented in a number of other places on web and mobile.
  3. Followers: the number of followers is a good indication of the popularity of a provider, and every follower contributes a little bit to the rank of your profile. Having your students follow you is useful for lots of reasons,  more on followers here...
  4. Profile Picture: profiles that make a great impression are shown first. If you don't have a profile picture on your teacher or studio, you're using the default - and you'll rank a little lower in the search results. You can fix this very easily: add a nice profile photo to your profile! 
  5. Associations: teachers who can be found at several places get a small boost - and of course they are more easily discovered on the venue profiles, too. By the same token, studios and retreat centers with more teachers are also found a little higher in the search results. You can learn more about listing your teachers (for venues) or associating with venues (for teachers).
  6. Reviews: they'll also impact your position in the local search results — and it's not only your average rating, but the number of reviews on your profile, too. So for example, a studio with a single "5-star" review will be found below a studio with 20 reviews, even though its rating average might be less than 5 stars. More on reviews here...

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