Yoga Poses

YogaTrail has a dedicated page where you can  share your poses with the yoga community. This is another way to connect and support other yogis. 

Share Your Pose

Click on the Upload Your Photo button.

If you have not already logged in or signed up, you will be re-directed to the  Signup / Login page. Create an account either by joining with Facebook or with your email address. If you already have an account, just click Login.

Yoga Poses - Login

Once you have logged in or signed up you can now post your pose, by clicking Upload Your Photo

Fill in the form, select the file (photo) from your computer or enter the YouTube video URL. Choose the category of the pose, and write about the pose. If you are not sure about which category your pose belongs to, just choose Other

Once you have filled in the form, click the POST YOUR PHOTO button. - upload your photo

Support Other Yogis

There are many photos posted on a daily basis and you can support other yogis by showing your appreciation and voting for the photos and videos you like the most. You can check out the  Latest Poses or go have a look at the different yoga poses categories.

Images for Your Website or Blog

The  Yoga Poses photo library is free to use on your website or blog. You can use any of the 10,000 fantastic images on Yoga Poses, for free. (Please make sure to link to

Have fun! :)

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