Schedule Widgets for Your Website & Facebook

Maintaining your class schedule in several different places on the internet can be a time-consuming chore. YogaTrail solves that problem, so everything is synched and up-to-date on YogaTrail, your website, and on Facebook, too.

YogaTrail Schedule Widgets can display your schedule on your website and Facebook page. When you change a class on YogaTrail, things are automatically updated everywhere.

YogaTrail Widgets are free and easy to install on any website and/or Facebook page. You can also customise the format and colors to perfectly match your site, to make things look just the way you like.

Accept Class Bookings Everywhere

If you've enabled booking for some or all of your classes, the Schedule Widget also lets you take signups and payments directly on your website and even on Facebook. Best of all, your clients can signup for a class without ever having to leave your site or Facebook page! You'll find your Schedule Widget configuration page on your dashboard.

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