Your Dashboard

Whenever you log into your professional profile on YogaTrail, you will first go to your dashboard. Think of your dashboard as your 'Control Center' -- it's where you can see what's happening on your profile at a glance, from classes this week, to upcoming events and more. This is also where you learn about new tools available for you on YogaTrail, and where soon you'll be seeing your profile stats and numbers. 

The first thing to note is that Dashboards are profile specific. So if you have more than one profile (say, one teacher and one studio profile), each will have its own dashboard. 

Here's what your Dashboard will look like. You can navigate between your profile dashboards by using the dropdown menu highlighted below:

Hovering over any of the dashboard items will highlight it in yellow and take you to the specific page for that topic -- like so: 

You can come back to your Profile Dashboard at any time either by clicking your picture in the dropdown menu at the top right of the page:

or by clicking the 'Dashboard' button on your public profile:

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