Setting up Appointment Bookings for Privates

Teachers can take online bookings (and payments) for private lessons and similar services on YogaTrail. Here's what that looks like:

Setting up Your Services

From your dashboard, click "Schedule" and land on on your Calendar. There you'll see a 'Configure Services' button... click it!

  It takes just a few minutes to set up your packages and availability:

Make Yourself Available on different days of the week

You'll first need to fill in some general settings (location options, your phone number, preferred currency, and any some general notes about your private services).

Next, set up your availability for the week. You can add more than one time slot for the same day by clicking the "+" icon.

Create Your Packages

Create different packages to describe what you can offer to clients. For each package, fill the description, price and duration.

You can add as many packages as you like. Simply click 'Add Another Package' to add more. Once you're done, make sure to click 'Save'.

Enable Payments

Before you can accept online bookings, you must enable payments through YogaTrail by connecting your account with Stripe (if you haven't already). Upfront payments are required for bookings because:

  • Safety. With advance credit card payment, the identity of any new clients is firmly established before you meet them, so the risks involved with meeting strangers are virtually eliminated.
  • Cancellations and "no shows" are greatly reduced
  • You can set your own refund policy (e.g., you could keep 50% from "last minute" cancellations)

Fees & Charges

All transactions incur a ~2.9% processing fee from Stripe (there's no way around that). YogaTrail collects a 7% commission for connecting you with a brand new client, i.e. someone you have no previous connection to, and a 7% Platform Fee to help cover costs of the YogaTrail platform, as follows:

  • 7% commissions for Existing Students

    When a yogi from your list of students books an appointment with you, you're paid out the full booking amount minus a 7% Platform Fee, (and minus the 3% processing fee). Existing students are identified by their email address (matching that of someone on your students list for any of the profiles you manage).
  • 14% for 1st Time Booking with New Clients

    If a new client books with you, YogaTrail collects a 7% "finder's fee" as our reward for connecting you with a brand new client. This is only for the first-time appointments or purchases. After booking, this new client becomes your student, of course. So, you only pay a 14% commission when you get a brand new client from YogaTrail, and only on their first appointment.

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