Assign booking and payment to: field is required.

When creating or editing a class you may come across this error message:

When you create or edit a class you now need to indicate who should take payment for the class. It can be either the instructor teaching the class or the venue where the class takes place. Please note that this doesn't make your class automatically bookable; enabling booking requires an extra step that you can turn on if you wish to. Here, you're simply letting us know who's in charge of payment, and should be managing available class spots.

If you assign responsibility to the other party, you don't need to do anything else. Just click 'save' and you're done.

If you assign booking and payments to yourself, you'll be able to make the class bookable if you've set up your Stripe merchant account. This is optional. Once you click 'save' you are all set — your class will now be published!  

If you would like to enable bookings, just go to your payment page and simply click 'Connect to Stripe'. 

Stripe will then email you simple instructions for completing your merchant account. 

Once your merchant account is set up you can simply edit any of your classes, indicate how many spots are available for booking and save. All done! 

If you need help enabling payment please let us know — we're always happy to assist :)

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