Finding Places to Host Retreats

Whether you've previously organized a yoga retreat, or are considering doing it for the first time... you know that one of the most important ingredients to a successful experience for you and your participants is to have the right location and environment.

Finding a place that ticks all your boxes and offers you all the support you need can be a time-consuming endeavour ― but YogaTrail has a resource to help you zero-in on places with all the required amenities and details to make your retreat smooth-sailing.

The YogaTrail Host Finder

The Host Finder is essentially a catalog of places that are available and eager to host groups of yogis for wellness events. You'll find a wide variety of venues; everything from exotic luxury resorts, to small rural cottages, all over the world.

YogaTrail Host Finder

Explore the Host Finder by selecting location, dates, a rough budget, and then filter your search by requiring specific amenities, support for special diets, etc. When you find a good match, visit the venue profile to see some more detailed information, and then get in touch with the manager to figure out all the details.  Explore the Host Finder here ▶︎

For Venues: How to Get in the Host Finder

If you manage a venue that's available to host yoga retreats, and you would like to see more groups running their wellness events at your place, you should advertise. Having a spot in the Host Finder is an effective, low-cost (and low effort) way of doing just that. 

The Host Finder connects you directly to the world's largest network of yoga event planners (who last year posted nearly 20,000 yoga events on YogaTrail). 

Here's how to secure a spot for your venue:
  1. Manage a 'retreat center' profile on YogaTrail. (Don't have one? No worries, create one here.)
  2. Subscribe to the 'hosting' plan. You'll see where to do that when you edit your profile.

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