Your Professional Network

Your professional network is comprised of all the teachers and venues that you're connected with in some way. As you use YogaTrail, your network becomes more and more important and useful, for lots of reasons.

'No man is an island'... and in the world of yoga, we are all connected in many ways.

If you manage a studio, you'll have various teachers that lead classes at your studio, either regularly or only on occasion. 

If you're a teacher, your network will include not only the studios where you teach classes, but also other yoga teachers you might call upon to sub for you. 

Having associations makes it easy for you to add classes and create events, because you can quickly select them in a menu when setting things up.

Your Teacher Kula

"Kula" is a Sanskrit word meaning “clan” or “tribe.” On YogaTrail, it's a group of yoga teachers that are associated with your profile. They should be people you know and trust, because they will be able to modify your classes and schedule. 

If you manage a studio, your Kula contains just your studio's teachers, both the regulars and the occasional substitute teachers. 

If you're a teacher, your Kula is a group of other teachers you've added to the Kula. Note: when you're in someone's Kula, they are automatically in yours, too.

You can send out messages to your Kula, and engage in group discussions, too. You can also send out a "request for sub" for one of your classes, and any teacher in your Kula can respond by assigning themselves as substitute teacher for the class. 

More About Locations for Teachers

Indicating the locations where you teach is really an essential aspect of your teacher profile on YogaTrail, since it lets people know where to find you! In addition, with more locations associated with your profile, you'll generally be more visible on the YogaTrail platform, because a) you get pins on the map, and b) you'll appear as a teacher on each venue you're associated with, too. 

More About Teachers for Studios

Adding all the teachers that are associated with your venue will help you to attract new clients, because your studio appears on each teacher profile, so it can be discovered by more people. 

More importantly: the teachers associated with your venue can create, edit, and even delete their classes on your studio profile. Every class has both a teacher and a venue, and in general, either party can modify the class information. For a busy studio, this is extremely useful, because it can be quite a chore for one person to create and manage all the classes for a studio schedule.

With your teachers each being able to post and modify their own classes at your venue, you can "crowd-source" the task of keeping your schedule on YogaTrail up to date. Just let your teachers do it!


What if my Teacher or Studio isn't on YogaTrail?

In the widget where you add teachers or studios to your content, you'll first check to see if the person or place is already on YogaTrail. If they're not, you can simply add them by providing some basic info. They'll get an invitation to join YogaTrail, and when they do, you also earn an event credit!

If both teacher and studio can manage a class, how does it work for booking and payments?

When a new class is created, the responsibility for bookings/payments is assigned to either the teacher or studio. After that, this part of the class information is only editable by the party that's been assigned. So once the payments management is assigned to either the venue or teacher, they alone handle bookings and payments. Most of the time, it's the venue.

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