Accepting Bookings and Payments

You can use YogaTrail to take bookings and payments for classes, events, private lessons, and other kinds of packages. Best of all, you can accept bookings not only on YogaTrail, but on your own website too!

The YogaTrail booking platform is freely available to all yoga teachers, studios, and retreat centers.

Getting set up takes less than a minute, and you can start taking payments online pretty much immediately. 

How it Works

When you enable payments on YogaTrail, you're actually creating (or connecting with) your own Stripe merchant account. Stripe is the world's top payment processor, ultra secure and extremely easy to manage. You simply provide your bank information (so that you can get paid), and you're done.

Payments from yogis flow directly into your bank account. There's no delay, no middleman, and you're paid out pretty much immediately after payment processing fees and any YogaTrail commissions (see below) are subtracted.

That also means that you are in charge of refunds. So for example, if a client cancels an appointment with you a few minutes before their session time, it's entirely up to you to set your own policy and decide whether or not you want to refund the client part, all, or none of their payment. But this also means that if you cancel a class or an event, you are responsible for refunding any payments made to you in a booking.

YogaTrail Fees & Commissions

When your existing students* book one of your events or a private lesson, class, or purchases a subscription... whatever payment you collect, YogaTrail charges a 7% Platform Fee. There's also the usual "payment processing" fee that is collected by the banks (it's 2.9% or less, depending on your country). When you get a new client through YogaTrail, you'll pay an additional "finder's fee" of 7% (if your profile is on a free plan**). The new client immediately becomes your student, so commissions apply only to first time bookings from people that you have no previous connection to.

For example, when one of your students books a $10 class, you get $9.00, YogaTrail gets $0.70, and the bank gets $0.30.

Here's a complete breakdown of fees for bookings on YogaTrail:

Existing Student Books* New Client Books Your Profile is 'Pro' or Higher
7% 14% 0%

 An 'existing student' is anyone found on the student list of any of the YogaTrail profiles you manage, as determined by their email address.
** Pro, Premium and Global profiles never pay commissions for anything. For more info, 
see here ►

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