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It's perhaps the most basic and essential use of YogaTrail: yoga providers post their classes, so that their students can follow their schedule, be in the loop about cancellations or changes, and always know what classes are coming up.

Your Students Subscribe to Your Classes

When your students follow you, they get all your classes in their Class Guru (a kind of "class planner" for yogis).

They might only see only your classes there... but, more likely, they're also subscribing to classes from other teachers or studios that they follow. For a yoga student, their Class Guru gives them an overview of their personal yoga world. So make sure your classes are in there for them!

Updates and Notifications for Students

The best part about having students following your schedule on YogaTrail comes into play when you change things. Like when you post a new class, or cancel a class, or are subbing somewhere, ... you can trigger a notification to all students (with your permission, of course). These are delivered via mobile (if those of your yogis who have the YT App on their phone), "in-browser" notifications when they surf the web, or as messages in their message center, or even via email. 

YogaTrail notifications to your students are not only the easiest way to let everybody know about schedule changes — they're also the most reliable way (certainly better than any social media posts).

Online Bookings

If you've enabled booking and payments for things ( see here), you can also accept signups for some (or all) of your classes on YogaTrail, or even directly on your own website (with schedule widgets).

Bookable classes are also automatically shown in local search results for anyone looking for classes in your area, too.

Keeping Your Schedule Up to Date

There's nothing worse than getting all excited about doing a yoga class, travelling across town to get there early, only to find out that the class isn't happening at all, or there's a sub, or the studio's closed. Not nice!   

Your yogis are counting on you to keep your schedule accurate and up to date.

To help you with that, YogaTrail will send you an email when you haven't been seen on the platform in more than 5 weeks, with a warning that your class schedule will be de-activated soon. If everything about your classes is still correct, simply click the link in that email to automatically log in and refresh your schedule (this takes less that 2 seconds). However, if you ignore this, your schedule will be assumed to have become inaccurate after another week:

If you don't log in to YogaTrail for more than 6 weeks, your schedule is deactivated (and all your classes are hidden).

This is easily fixed though: your schedule is re-activated when you log into YogaTrail again.

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