Marketing Packages and Subscriptions

On YogaTrail, a basic profile provides you with all the tools to manage things and communicate with your clients. Upgrading to a paid plan will also provide you with marketing and help you to attract new clients for your classes, advertise your local events, or even your international retreats or teacher trainings. Here's an overview of the different plans and what they deliver for a profile (whether teacher, studio, or retreat center):

Important note: all the packages below include links from your profile to your website, Facebook, or social media page. This means that many people will click from your YogaTrail page through to your website, or social media, and contact you directly from there. On your profile dashboard you can see your profile stats, and clicks to your website but it's imperative that you ask people contacting you where/how they found you — that's really the only way for you to know what's working for you! 

Standard: Directory

Your profile and classes are published in the YogaTrail Directory, and can be discovered in local search results. You also get web links from YogaTrail to your website and social media pages.
  • Directory Spot: with the Standard Plan, you're securing your spot in the YogaTrail Directory. This means that when people look for yoga in your area, your profile will show up in search results, both on the website and in the YT mobile app.
  • Web Links: your website and social media links are 'live' on your profile, and visible to yogis viewing your profile, and events

Pro: Spotlight

YogaTrail's Pro Plan is all about getting your profile featured all over the place, and giving you a huge search boost.  This plan includes all the benefits of the Standard Plan detailed above, PLUS: 

  • Be at the top of Local Listings: when yogis search for yoga in your area, you'll not only be in the search results but your listing will be in highlighted in one of the 2 top spots (highlighted in yellow).
  • Be featured on other profiles on the site and on the YT App: as part of giving you a boost, you will be featured as Teacher (or Venue) Nearby on profiles in your area, and you'll be highlighted in the YogaTrail Mobile App.
  • No competition on your page: you'll also have no other local teachers or venues suggested on your own profile. 
  • 0% commissions on bookings: since you'll be enjoying extra visibility, you'll also pay no commissions when you get a booking on the site. So make sure you make your classes, privates and events bookable. Get the most of your spotlight and get new clients! 

Premium: Events

The Premium Plan is designed to help you get the word out when you have 2 or more forthcoming events, and want to reach yogis in and around the area where your events take place (i.e. a local audience).  This plan includes all the benefits from both the Standard and the Pro Plan (above) PLUS the following:  
  • Unlimited Events: whether your event is coming up in one month or one year, it's never too soon to post it! Your Premium plan gives you unlimited credits so take advantage and get the word out as early as you can. 
  • Local Promotion on Web, App & Newsletters: as soon as they're published, all your events will be promoted locally (for yogis near the location where your event is taking place), on the YogaTrail website and Mobile App, as well as in weekly newsletters. 
  • 0% commissions on bookings: with your events enjoying all this promo, the Premium plan also gets you 0% commission when you get a booking on YogaTrail. So make sure you've enabled bookings, and set the available number of spots on each of your events. It would be a shame to miss out on a booking! 

Global: International

The Global Plan is to advertise yoga retreats or teacher training programs for which you want to attract clients from all over the world. It is very powerful marketing.  This plan includes all the benefits from the Premium Plan (above) PLUS the following:  
  • Massive Global Reach: globally promoted events are seen by at least 50,000 motivated yogis every month — guaranteed. 
  • Landing page features: globally promoted retreats go here:, teacher trainings get featured here: These are search-optimized landing pages.
  • 0% commissions on bookings: if you enabled booking for your events, you pay 0% commission when you get a booking on YogaTrail. Credit card fees still apply though. 

Any subscription can be cancelled at any time, there's no minimum commitment. Marketing subscriptions are renewed automatically until you cancel. Cancelling your subscription simply reverts your profile back to a free profile, so you can continue using YogaTrail, and re-instate your subscription any time. 

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