Keeping Your Schedule Up To Date

Keeping your schedule up-to-date on YogaTrail is an absolute must: your students (and potential new clients) depend on you to provide accurate information about your classes... and so does YogaTrail!

Inaccurate Class Information

Imagine the disappointment that's experienced by someone who discovers an amazing class advertised on YogaTrail, travels all across town with mat in hand, only to find that the class is no longer happening, or the studio has closed for the holidays. They'll not only get a terrible impression of you and your business — they will also get very angry with YogaTrail

For this reason, teachers and studios must periodically validate their schedules. This happens automatically every time you log in to YogaTrail, since your schedule is assumed to be "top of mind" for you in the course of being active on the YogaTrail platform.

However, when you don't log in to YogaTrail for a very long time, who can be sure that your class schedule is still 100% accurate? YogaTrail will send you an email when you haven't been seen in more than 5 weeks, with a warning that your classes will be de-activated soon. If everything about your schedule is still correct, simply click the link in that email to automatically log in and refresh your schedule. It literally takes less than 2 seconds.

If you ignore this, after another week your schedule will be assumed to have become inaccurate. You'll get an email notification that your classes have been de-activated, which means that your students will no longer see your classes in their class Guru, and your classes will also not appear in local search results. 

If you don't log in to YogaTrail for more than 6 weeks, your classes are de-activated and hidden from public view.

This is easily fixed though: your schedule is instantly re-activated when you log into YogaTrail again. 

How to edit/delete/copy classes

On your dashboard, click "Schedule" to see all classes coming up. Then hover your mouse over  particular class to reveal buttons to edit, cancel, delete, or make a copy of the class.

Please note, because mobile phones and tablets don't have a mouse to hover, this functionality isn't available - you must be on a desktop or laptop computer.

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