Promoting Your Upcoming Events

You can make your yoga event a success marketing your event to the right audience. Whether you want to get the word out about your workshop in the local community, or you're more interested in attracting new clients from around the world to your retreat or teacher training, YogaTrail can help you get people signing up.

When you promote your event, it gets advertised in email newsletters, on special landing pages for certain event types, and it shows up in many other places on YogaTrail as "featured". It will also appear prominently in the YogaTrail Mobile App

There are two kinds of promotion possible on YogaTrail:

Local Promotion

Your event is advertised in the yoga community near the event location (not necessarily your location). So if you promote a workshop happening in Brussels, the yogis in Brussels will get news about your workshop in emails, and visitors to YogaTrail that are located nearby will see your event as something special happening in the near future.

"Nearby" depends very much on where your event is located. In a dense area (such as New York City, for example), the effective radius for reaching yogis is about 20km. If your event is located in a more remote region, YogaTrail's marketing efforts will extend out much further (even 100km, or more).

Global Promotion

Your event is advertised to a massive audience of motivated yogis all around the world. This is the right strategy for exotic yoga retreats or teacher trainings, where you want to attract people in Europe or the USA to signup for your event in Costa Rica or Bali, for example (the "locals" won't be interested).

Retreats and teacher training events flagged for global promotion also appear on special landing pages which are SEO optimised to attract interested clients: retreats go here, teacher trainings are found here.

Global promotions are very powerful.

How to Promote Your Event

Immediately after posting your event, you'll find a "mini-dashboard" towards the right on your published event page. You can promote your event anytime after it's published. Click the "Promote it" button to see further options:

Choose "local" or "global", and then you'll be able to set the number of days you'd like to promote your event. YogaTrail newsletters go out weekly (usually on Wednesdays), and your event is guaranteed to be included when it's being promoted.

Getting Your Events Promoted Automatically

If you have more than one upcoming yoga event to promote, you will likely want to upgrade your YogaTrail profile to 'premium' (for local events) or 'global' (for international events). If you organise a few events per year, this presents better value for you: for the same price as a single 30-day event promotion, a premium subscription lets you post multiple (unlimited) events that will each be automatically promoted.  Learn more here.

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