Editing and Copying ('Cloning') Events

After you've created your event, you can change any of its information if it hasn't started yet. (After that, it's considered 'expired' on YogaTrail and can't be edited). So if you need to change the date, add a teacher, or think you might like to add some more images (here are tips to make successful events), it's pretty straightforward.

Editing an Upcoming Event

There are a two ways to get back into your already published event:

A) Click the 'edit' button on the public event page:

B) Or, visit your dashboard and go to your events page. You'll see an "Edit" link next to each event you manage when you hover your mouse over the event:

Once editing an event, you'll see all the existing information. Change, add, delete things as you like - but make sure to click "Save & Publish" on the last tab!

Remember to click "Save and Publish" once you're done editing your event for your changes to stick.

Copying ('Cloning') Events

Sometimes you might want to create an event that's very similar to another event you had posted. Often, it's something identical to a previous event, which happens again but at a different date. To save yourself some time, and avoid having to re-create everything from scratch, you can 'clone' an event and create a new one, where all of the previous information is pre-filled into the new event.

In the screenshot above you'll notice a 'clone' button. Clicking that will create a copy any of your events (even expired ones). 

You can clone a previous event if:

  • you're the creator of the previous event
  • you have sufficient event credits

Make sure to change the dates on the newly copied event, and make sure the title and other information are correct, before clicking "Save & Publish".

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