Event Credits

Each new professional profile (teacher or venue) starts of with some event credits, which are required to  post an upcoming event on YogaTrail. But there are lots of ways to earn more... you get a new Event Credit:

  • when you post your very first class
  • for every 5 reviews on you receive on your profile
  • for every 10 followers on your profile
  • when you connect a Stripe account to enable bookings and payments
  • for each yoga provider (teacher or venue) that joins YogaTrail as a result of your invitation 

You can also always buy extra event credits. To get reviews, more followers, or to invite your community, use  this "invite" page.  

Please note that if you have more than one event to publish, upgrading to  YogaTrail Premium is probably what you want. It lets you create as many events as you like, where all of them are promoted in newsletters, on the YogaTrail website, and in the mobile app. Explore YogaTrail Premium here.

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