For Places: Listing Your Teachers

Listing the teachers who teach at your venue is an essential part of creating your profile on YogaTrail and will make it easier for you to  add your classes. Your venue will also enjoy more visibility, and appear in more places on YogaTrail... but most importantly: yogis want to know who's teaching at your venue! 

All the teachers you add will be shown on the right sidebar of your public profile. 

To add teachers to your profile, go to the third tab on your dashboard:

Before adding teachers to your profiles, here's what you'll see. To add your first teacher, please click the big orange button:

1. Is your Teacher already listed on YogaTrail?

First, we'll check if the teacher you'd like to add is already on YogaTrail. Simply type their name in the field, and click 'Search'. If your teacher appears, click on his or her name to select them. Like so: 

When you select a teacher from the list, he/she will be added to your list of teachers. If you've added a teacher by mistake, simply click the little 'x' on the teacher's box to remove it. You will then be able to choose a different one.

2. If a Teacher isn't yet on YogaTrail

If your teacher does not appear on the list, it means he or she is not on YogaTrail yet. You can very simply add them to YogaTrail. First you'll need to indicate their city and country, like so, and click 'Add': 

Next, you'll need to enter the teacher's email so that we can let them know you've added them as a teacher to your venue (we will never share their email with anyone, or use it in any other way). If you don't have the email of the teacher, or prefer not to add it, you can  invite your teachers to join YogaTrail directly and create their own profiles:

When you add a new teacher please make sure you add their  complete name (first and last). There are many tens of thousands of teachers on YogaTrail, so only their full name will allow people to find them on the site.  Please note that incomplete entries are periodically deleted.

You can and should add as many teachers as you like (there's no limit) 

Once you've added all your teachers, your teachers tab will look something like.  Please remember to click 'Save' for it all to be saved: 

To delete a teacher from your studio

You can keep your studio profile updated and delete teachers, who no longer teach at your place, from your studio listing. 

To delete teachers from your profile, go to the third tab on your dashboard:

You will then see the teachers listed in your studio. Click on "X" in the right-hand corner of the teacher's name and remember to click "Save & Next" to ensure your changes are kept. 

All done! :) 

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