Schedule Holiday/Vacation

Keeping your schedule updated is important to avoid students showing up to find a closed door.

So if you're closing shop for a day or longer, you can use holidays to cancel your classes for a time period. All the classes during that time will show as cancelled, and you can also choose to notify your followers (optional).

How to Add a Holiday to Your Schedule


Go to your profile Dashboard, and find your  Schedule page, in either of these 2 ways:


From there, select the Holidays tab, and click 'Add Holiday'. Next, you'll simply need to add the start and end date of your away-period. You can then choose to notify your students that you'll be away, or just 'save':

If you choose to email your students they will receive an automatic announcement that looks like this:

Your holiday period will then be shown on that page and any classes you have set during that period will show as cancelled. You can create as many holidays as you want! 

If you need to edit or cancel a holiday, you can use the little 'edit' icon shown below: 

Enjoy your time off!

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