Attracting New Clients

Millions of people in over 20,000 cities around the world have found their yoga on YogaTrail. Although the Directory Listings are not the main purpose of the YogaTrail platform, they do serve a lot of travellers and people new to yoga who are looking for classes, teachers, or studios.

For yoga providers, this means that YogaTrail can serve as a great source of new students and clients. However, to ensure the quality of location-based search results, and to support the efforts that go into building and maintaining the more essential features of YogaTrail, not all profiles and classes are published in the listings:    

Local area listings may show only content from profiles that are on a paid plan.

Is YogaTrail Free or Not?

All the core features of the YogaTrail platform are completely free, and they always will be. 

But YogaTrail is "free" much in the same way Facebook is "free": if you want to advertise on Facebook, reach new people, and promote offers to some targeted audience, it costs. Facebook will even charge you to reach your own people... and unless you pay to "promote" it, a typical Facebook post is only seen by about 3% of your "fans". 

On YogaTrail, unlike on Facebook, your students and the people in your network  always get your messages and updates, 100% of the time, without you having to pay for anything. But to reach people outside of your network, promote your events and classes, and to attract new yogis who are searching for a new yoga experience, your profile needs to be on a paid plan (see options here).

So What's Free?

With a  basic free account, you have full access to all the tools you need to keep your yogis in the loop and manage your business: 

  • Complete use of all essential YogaTrail features: message followers, let students subscribe to your classes and updates, and use widgets to display your schedule on your website. 
  • You're found in name-based search results. So when someone types in your name or the name of your studio, your classes and profile will come up immediately. 
  • Your events always appear in local searches, whether bookable or not, regardless if you're on a paid plan or not.

What's Not Free?

If you want to ensure that your profile and your classes are in the results when people search for yoga in your area, you should upgrade to a paid plan. To attract new clients and grow your business... some investment is required! 

Keep New Clients Coming - Automatically

YogaTrail offers low-cost marketing packages that are individually tailored to yoga teachers, studios, retreat organisers and even teacher training programs. 

Our subscription-based plans can work in different ways, ranging from simply publishing your listing in the the world's largest yoga directory (with links back to your website), to being featured more prominently on the YogaTrail website and mobile app, and getting your upcoming events promoted in newsletters — around town, or around the world. 

If you want to attract new clients, grow your following, build your student base, and really get the word out for your upcoming workshops or retreats,... YogaTrail can help. Find the right plan for you here.

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