How to Get Your Students to Follow You on YogaTrail

After setting up your profile, you'll want to let your students know that when they follow you on YogaTrail, they:

  • automatically subscribe to your class schedules 
  • get your news and updates directly to their inbox 
  • can book a private class with you without any booking fee. 

Since many of the tools you'll find on the platform have been built to simplify your daily life as a yoga pro and to let you communicate with your students easily, you'll really get the most of your profile if your students are on there too. One of the most important parts of building your profile on YogaTrail is to get your existing network to follow you. So...

Here are a few tips to make it happen: 

Add Your Students to Your Profile

The best way to let your students know to follow your profile is to add them to  your Student Center. You can add your whole student list (or better, send us your list directly and we'll import it to your profile for you to save you precious time). 

When you add your students to your profile, they will receive an invitation to follow you (like the one below) — nothing else:

Your student list is confidential, accessible only by you, and YogaTrail never ever shares these emails with anyone. 

Whenever you add or cancel class, add a new event, or take a vacation your students will be automatically notified. You can also email them directly from your profile with any special announcements and news — your message will be delivered straight to their inbox. And of course, you pay very low platform fees when your existing students book anything with you.  

Add a YogaTrail Widget to Your Website

Easy to install, and of course totally free, the YogaTrail widgets are made to let people know about your profile. 

On  your profile Dashboard, you'll find different types of profile widgets and buttons, and if you have added your class schedule to your profile you can also add the Schedule Widget to your website. Take advantage of this free tool! Entirely customizable the schedule widget syncs with your YogaTrail class schedule and is a free alternative to MindBody and Healcode widgets. 

Invite Your Yogis Through YogaTrail

You can also invite your network to follow or to review you, by adding a list of emails  on this page. This simply lets them know you're on YogaTrail. And again, emails are only used for invites and are never shared. 

Email Your Yogis

If you send out your own newsletter, make sure to mention your YogaTrail profile in your next one. You can also add that if they prefer your students can download the free  YogaTrail Mobile App to get your classes and updates on their phone, anywhere, anytime. 

Tell Your Students After Class

Of course there's also the good old way! Simply tell your students at the end of class to follow you on YogaTrail, since that's where you'll be keeping your schedule up to date, posting events and updates. If you've enabled private booking let them know that they'll also be able to book you! This simplifies your life as you no longer need to collect peoples emails to add to your list, and unlike asking them to like your page on Facebook, with your YogaTrail profile you can actually reach your followers reliably, with messages and notifications. 

YogaTrail is here to empower you and to make your life easier! If you have any question, we're always here to help :) 

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